Pre-Training Nutrition

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Nicole Chamberlin

Being physically active is important to me because I know it benefits my well-being, in all different aspects: reduces stress, allows me to sleep better, let’s me indulgeinto more of my guilty pleasures, and it makes me stronger. I feel like pre-workout mealsand snacksare overlooked when training because much of the time people worry about post-work out recovery nutrition. However, this is a misconception because it is just as important to receive proper nutrition before a training session to allow muscles to build and exert a great amount of energy. In addition to receiving food and nutrients, it also important to stay hydrated when working out, so try to drink 16-20 oz of water 1-2 hours before working out!

Unsure of what to eat before a workout, try these options!

If you have 2-3 hours before a workout, try and make sure you have…

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