The value of a smile

A smile costs nothing, but it means much.
It enriches those who receives it and doesn’t make poor the person who gives it.
Though a smile may be given only once, the memory of it may last forever.
The rich cannot survive without a smile, the poor cannot get rich because its comfort.
A smile creates happiness to everyone and everywhere. It’s a sensitive sign of friendship, goodwill and it makes people part of your life.
It is encouragement to the discouraged, rest for the weary, sunshine to the sad, comfort to the desperate.
A smile can not be bought, nor asked, nor borrowed or stolen, it’s something without a price and it’s just given to someone else.
But no currency in the world can pay their value.
If you met a person who can not smile anymore because of pain, bitterness and sorrow
be generous, give him your smile and your attention.
Because there β€˜s nobody who needs your smile so much as those who can not smile anymore.

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