International Pancake Day!!!

English: Neil's (Neil Kleinberg) blueberry pan...

Pancakes are so moorish and today is ‘International Pancake Day’  Yes there is such a day!
So how do you make your pancakes? From scratch or from a packet.
It doesn’t matter which way you prefer, to me a pancake is still a pancake. Personally I enjoy whipping up a batch from the start. I have a trusty old cast iron fry pan, that I always use and I don’t follow an actual recipe just whats in my head.
The main ingredients I always use are S.R flour, brown sugar, egg, milk, coconut and vanilla essence. I cannot give you actual amounts as I just add so much of this and a little bit of that. I never measure anything for my pancakes and they always turn out perfect for us. I think if I tried to measure the ingredients to give you the recipe, it probably wouldn’t work out. (Not that i’m superstitious or anything)
Sweet or savoury, thick or thin, eaten with a knife and fork or rolled up and eaten with your hands. They are all yummy.
As for toppings
Try simple lemon juice with brown sugar
butter and maple syrup
honey, avocado and lemon juice
summer berries cooked in with the pancake then topped with cream or ice cream
cheese and spinach
mince and salad
adding coconut to the mix adds a nice flavour

Palatschinke, a thin filled pancake, here pres...
Happy pancake day friends
Click the link below to find out all the history behind this day


11 thoughts on “International Pancake Day!!!

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  2. I took my son to I-hop for pancake day!! Crepes look great too. I have a crepe recipe and I use orange marmalade for the syrup. Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall

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