Your mans health

Want some easy ideas on helping your man to improve his health. Then read on:

man on the beach

  • Help him to relax. Stress can contribute to migraines, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, depression and mood swings to name a few. So encourage him to enjoy a hobby that interests him, to spend more time with friends, to read more, play a sport or just to be still and meditate.
  • Increase his fruit intake. Only 5% of adult males eat a sufficient amount of fresh produce. If you cant get your man to eat more fruit, try giving him a daily multivitamin to help make up the difference in his daily diet.
  • Drink in moderation. Approximately 1 in 4 men drink more alcohol than is healthy for their bodies. The daily recommended guideline for men is 2 standard drinks with a weekly limit of 14.
  • Focus on his heart health. As heart disease is one of the main causes of premature death in men, help him by feeding him a well balanced diet to stay in the healthy weight range for him. Great supplements to include in his daily diet include Coenzyme Q10 to prevent a range of cardiovascular conditions and Omega-3s found in seafood and krill oil for optimum heart health.
  • Book him in for a checkup. Men between the ages of 20-40 should have a health check every three years. From ages 40-50 every 2 years and from 50 years onward every year is recommended for a checkup.
  • Exercise. In Australia around two-thirds of adult men are overweight or obese. Encourage your man to exercise more helping him to shed excess kilos thereby improving everything from his diabetes risk to his sex drive.
  • Reduce his risk of prostrate cancer. Selenium found in wholegrain cereals and nuts and Lycopene found in red fruits and vegetables help to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer. ( 1 brazil nut will meet his daily requirements)

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