Unusual ways to use sugar

Glass cup with glass saucer, spoon and sugar c...Sugar has many other uses apart from just eating it. Here are a few ideas below:

Are you overrun with cockroaches, then mix equal parts of sugar and baking powder and sprinkle around areas of infestation. Sugar attracts them and the baking powder exterminates them. Replace the mix frequently.

To keep cut flowers fresher for longer mix 2 to 3 tsp of sugar with 2 tbsp of white vinegar and add to a vase of water just before adding the flowers. This helps to stop the growth of mould and keeps the flowers fresher for longer.

To remove grass stains from your whites, without using harmful bleach, make a paste of sugar and water, apply it to the stain gently rubbing it in, then let sit for an hour before washing as usual.

Bread, cake and biscuits that are stored in a container with 5-6 sugar cubes will keep fresher for longer.

If you have trouble getting a coal, or wood fire to burn throw a handful of sugar onto it. The sugar will ignite and help get the fire going.

A trick I use to help keep my lips smooth and supple is to gently rub fine granulated sugar over my lips helping to exfoliate them before applying paw paw ointment to moisturise them.

Speaking of exfoliating, I make a homemade body scrub using brown sugar, coconut oil and a fragrance of my choice. The sugar in the scrub removes dead skin cells, softening the skin, making it supple and glowing. This homemade scrub makes a great gift. Check out my post about making your own scrubs.

Sugar is an abrasive and if you have very dirty, greasy, or oily hands, rubbing them with sugar with clean them.


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