Listen To Life

Inspiring and thought provoking. We miss so much by looking inward, instead of outward.

All My Roads

When I go running I usually listen to music. In doing so I block out most of the world around me focusing intensely on the next spot my foot will land. Such was my state of mind just after a rainstorm earlier this week. I was running down the side of the street just about a mile from our apartment. My headphones were in and I was absorbed in my own world. But something in my peripheral vision caught my attention.

There was a flash of light on the ground next to me. It was so apparent that I slowed down and turned to see what had caused it. But nothing, no one, was there. I was alone on the sidewalk, music pumping in my ears.

I resumed my run but the flash appeared again, out of the corner of my eye in the lower half of my vision. I…

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