ROSEMARY-INFUSED SEA SALT (a perfect pantry staple or homemade gift)

What a lovely gift idea for any time of the year, or just for yourself to enjoy!

Miss Marzipan

This was the salt that I used to season my “epic” (to pinch a Daniel Churchill term) Crisp(ier) Sweet Potato Fries the other day. The lovely, subtle rosemary taste/aroma makes this salt a versatile pantry staple or, prettily packaged in cute glass containers, an ideal party favour/hostess gift/homemade Christmas gift; an aromatic salt that can be used for sea salt bath soaks as well as culinary purposes.

In fact, I gifted the very containers you see in the photographs here to girlfriends who joined me for a Thanksgiving-themed, IQS-style brunch on Saturday.


I am rather taken with rosemary right now (as I am with cinnamon, clove, orange zest and other flavours/scents that I associate with this season). Rosemary essential oil is purported to have invigorating, energising and stimulating properties, all of which I can do with massive doses right now as we fast approach the darkest day of the year. At the moment I am using

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